About Us

Doug Johnson - President/Owner

Greeting ClayPeople!

We have completed our 40th year of serving ClayPeople.

We are all part of part of a special timeless family of ClayPeople.  This family has a vertical and horizontal axis.

The vertical family axis is those ClayPeople who have created with clay through the ages.  When archeologists find human remains, they usually find evidence of pottery.

The horizontal family axis is those ClayPeople who, at any given point in time, are creating in clay around the world.  A fascinating variety of ceramic creations exist in all societies.

We work hard to be a strong nexus point in this ClayPeople family continuum: to answer every one of your questions, and find every product you need.  Your ideas and questions always help shape ClayPeople.

We are committed to be “Friendly Experts” and to have a “Huge Inventory” of both products and knowledge. We take great pride in always working to strengthen our position as “Northern California’s Leader in Ceramic Supply”

Thank for allowing us to be a nexus in the ClayPeople family continuum.

Doug Johnson

Clay is the Way!
Posted on: November 29th, 2010 by ClayPeople