Workshop: Painting With Clay with Sharon Virtue

About the Workshop

“My two great loves are paintings and ceramics. In the Painting with Clay workshop I will share with you my exciting discoveries in combining these two art forms. In this workshop we will explore various ways of making marks, impressions, carving and painting with clay slip onto the surface of flat forms to create imaginative ceramic compositions. Using prepared bisque ware pieces, I will share my glazing techniques and we will discuss color combinations with an emphasis on low fire translucent gloss and opaque matte glazes.”

About the Instructor / Sharon Virtue

As a lover of traveling, Sharon has drawn her inspiration from what she has seen while exploring different parts of the world. A native to the UK, she has lived and worked worked in London, Brazil, Mozambique, and Uganda to name a few. She now lives in San Francisco and is an artist at Ruby’s Clay Studio. She has been in galleries throughout California and raises money for international community art projects through fundraising exhibitions.

Saturday, September 17th, 2011 10am-2pm

Class Fee is $40. INCLUDES FREE LUNCH!

Call or email to reserve your spot.
Space is limited.
Phone: 510-236-1492